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Day we left the Earth - Script




Long long time ago the Earth was riven by internecine wars and so there was less and less space for human living.

Hadn't crossed the threshold of light speed, mankind was doomed to live in cramped and tight caves. All star clusters surrounding the Earth didn't contain planets were suitable for colonization and moreover a flight duration was about half lifetime of their crews, that wasn't quite enough. Finally we found ourselves locked on the outskirts of the galaxy.

Progress didn't stand still. A human ingenuity helped to discover and take under control such phenomenon as quantum teleportation, which allowed creating a miracle of miracles of technology - the Gates - the transmitter of substance.

Connections between two of The Gates were immediate. For a short time, forgetting about the quarrels and disagreements a mankind united to create seven fully automated spacecrafts bearing The Gates far from the Earth for hundreds of light years and searching for the next seven planets suitable for human habitation.

According to scientists, the first Gates had to be activated only after 300 years after the departure of the last ship-droid. In fully automatic mode, these seven newest spacecrafts controlled by artificial intelligence had to penetrate into the depth of the Galactic Spiral into hundreds of light years. Then when one of these ships finally reaches another planet suitable for life it had to land on this planet and activate the Gates. At that very moment, between the Earth and this planet appear through spatial channel working until running out of its vast reserves of nuclear fuel. According the plan thus mankind would open the seven new universes, and there would be enough space for living of even such a large family as Mankind.


Time went by, centuries succeeded each other, but The Gates were silent. The Universe didn't hurry to open their secrets for mankind. Forgetting about the times of former unity, the human race had flooded the Solar System. The seven reigning families divided the control over humanity between each other and promised a bright future in another world, instead of daily sweatshop labor and privation.

Portals have become a powerful political weapon, the most powerful instrument of political influence.

Greed and over-aggression of the human race has led to the most destructive wars in the history of human warfare. Wars for the Portals. Wars for the future homes. Wars for the possible future. The Earth including all residences of seven reigning families being the place where the Gates were placed from time immemorial was turned into a battlefield. The whole Earth was the place of battlefields.

Rashly relying on the speedy opening of the portals, the people didn't restrict themselves using the most destroying and dirty nuclear and biological weapons during the latest, the most devastating battle and the last crumbs of the human race had been almost buried under tons of radioactive ash which was mixed with human bones. Climate change and irreversible mutation, which became a consequence of these wars of annihilation, have led to the emergence of new ecological relationship in which there was no place to man. Humanity was on the verge of extinction.

Ironically, most importantly because of what humanity almost destroyed itself - The Gates, those teleporters, became derelict pieces of stone and metal - incomprehensible mechanisms which were surrounded by the same mechanisms. Unfortunately, those scientists who created these machines disappeared, and, even those who were trying to control everything in the Earth disappeared as well. Nobody knew that all this time, the legendary spacecrafts still continued their journey and moreover the Gates -twins, which were built for the ages and survived all those wars, - continued to operate in standby mode.

And then, when the last people who survived after this terrible war died, when war itself - has become just one of many legends of the new world, and moreover the idea about the "through spatial" Gates turned into a prophecy, somewhere incredibly far, much further than thousands of light years from the Earth, the first legendary spaceship reached its goal and safely descended to the unknown planet and thus caused the activation of the Portal. At the same moment, a giant lifeless vacuum space in billions of billions of kilometers just ceased to exist. Finally the first Gates were turned on, and a lifeless, radioactive desert on the spot where once the mythical city of San Francisco was situated , suddenly was illuminated by light of so distant star that a new human language didn't even have enough suitable words describing this distance.

The news about the dream which became prophecy began to proliferate over the Earth and transformed into hope for those few who survived living in heavy and highly radioactive heritage of ancestors. All human beings began to come to this first opened Gates. Primarily pilgrimage was happening in a wild rush, because nobody could say exactly for how long the fully autonomous nuclear reactor, which supports spatial corridor, could be opened. However, despite all the legends, prophecies, forecasts and fears the Portal worked during a little more than 120 years, allowing people to prepare carefully to the big resettlement and to take with them everything that could possibly be useful. When they began to feel at a new place, on a wonderful and warm planet named Tamais in the Perseus constellation, like at home, migrants have established special units, which had to go in search the last surviving humans as well as everything that was valuable and irreplaceable, that could be taken for living in a new home.

Along with the billions of human lives, in the crucible of war all knowledge, which man gained during thousands of years, had been lost. Recorded on the newest super-resistant information carriers - crystals - knowledge become unavailable, because all machines for crystals reading were turned into ashes, long before the end of devastating war. The largest libraries of paper books, situating in metropolitan areas, were destroyed firstly. Unadapted to new harmful life conditions, humanity clung to survival using all conceivable methods, so then knowledge had become a powerful tool of human survival.

Only with the help of tiny bits of experience written in books which became invaluable, we re-learned how to manage our long-forgotten instruments and mechanisms, re-learned about our bodies and finally all this fatal radiation was removed from the bodies, we also re-discovered electricity and radio waves helping us not to get lost and supporting our good mood among the cold ruins of the steel caves etc. And those books, namely knowledge has become so invaluable, that we must to pick them up from the Earth to the first possible place, before the Portal had to be closed forever.

Epilogue. ( And Illustration )

Years replaced decades.

For almost a half a century when the Gates were wide opened, providing a door into another world, the pure lush vegetation of Tamais had enough time to germinate in rich and favorable conditions of radiation in the Earth. Thus rich vegetation entangled the ruins of the Portal with vines and covered with flowers of another world, transforming it into a lonely and fantastic oasis in the middle of the Dead Sea.

Correcting their mistakes, growing, friendly human family was prospering and finally came the day when the legendary spaceship's nuclear power reactor, which supported the Portal opened for nearly 120 years, had to be ended closing the Gates forever. During this time, searching teams, regularly plying the Earth in search of people and the lost knowledge, researched the most inaccessible places on the Earth which became hostile and took to our new home everything we could carry off - a small part of all that was left on the Earth forever.

Portal was almost closed. Time was short. Risking stay forever trapped on the Earth, I decided to take a chance in my last hike in searching of the old secret bunker, where I probably could find books. There I faced with a real luck - that was a private library, filled with skeletons which became normal that time. Almost buried under the dust and ashes I found books on the subject of Socionics and Psychology, History and Medicine, works on Mathematics and Astronomy, hundreds of books ... a treasure that could not be overemphasized. Despite all the dangers and difficulties (each returning to the Earth in search of books was a dangerous adventure), I was able to return to the Gates, moreover I was saved and I was in time and, most importantly, I came to the Gates delivering my precious cargo unharmed. I came back and I'll give my brothers and sisters the most valuable and important thing that only can be after love – NEW KNOWLEDGE. And another telescope.

You will not pass!!!

Mixed 2d3d image based on Diablo universe. Weeks lead to searches of magic artefacts, infinite labyrinthes of vaults, disgustingand eternally hungry generations of the night lord and the rivers of blood.